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Looking for ways to serve the church and Dade County?

Scroll through below to see ways that you can get involved with our church.

There are certainly many other ways you can serve, and we're always open to ideas!

Contact us if you feel led to serve our church in any of these or other ways. 

Mercy & Justice Team

Mercy is the expression of care and compassion for those with physical needs, which may include poverty, health issues, family emergencies, and/or difficult life situations. Justice means that every human being, made in God’s image, is of value and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, those who are materially poor or in difficult situations often are cut off from the resources and services that they need the most. The Mercy & Justice Team exists to serve those who have needs and those who need a voice.

At Grace Community Trenton, we recognize that physical needs cannot be separated from spiritual and emotional needs. Throwing resources at a problem will not solve the problem. We seek to invest in people to transform lives—to break the cycle of poverty, for instance—and to renew Dade County one life at a time.

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